One month left

So guys, i am getting closer to home :))

I just can't wait, I am so excited to see you all soon in Germany. 


I have just 2 weeks of school left and then i have Graduation, i am really looking forward for Graduation, it will be so awesome :)) 


See ya all soon :)


Eileen <3


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    mariaaah (Montag, 13 Mai 2013 18:25)

    like a real american girl... i like it ;)
    With Cap and Gown?? great! :)

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    Eileen (Dienstag, 14 Mai 2013 00:37)

    haha yeah maria <3 Yes with cap and Gown. But sadly the cap won't stay on my head :)) haha, have to fix it with Bobbypins :))

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    mariaaah (Donnerstag, 23 Mai 2013 16:07)

    I have to admit I'm jealous of you... I'm really really jealous.. :)
    Can you keep the cap and gown?!;)